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5 Things Will Start To Happen When You Discover Your Hidden Power

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There are bazillion things that block your secret power every day, and our life will shift entirely once we discover our hidden power.

Our mind is hoarding with information that are mostly unusefull. Just how many things you know that will never be of any importance and topic of discussion in your life? What Lady Gaga bought or what Kanye West said on that talk show will never truly help you become better person on personal and professional level.

If we go back to childhood education, we were mostly taught how to obey and listen. We were not taught to develop our critical thinking as the most powerful tool to use later on in life. At least this was the case for my education.

Our ability to do incredible things is always here, but it takes time to develop it.

The hidden power that we possess is always there in us. But the problem today is not that we need to “dig” deep and find it. We need to block most of the things that are not valuable to us. For example, what Lady Gaga bought in the new Gucci store will never be of any value to you.

The bigger problem we have is that all the time we obsess with trivial information as the new bag that Lady Gaga bought.

You would rather watch something that will never be of any use, like funny cats and dogs, than watch 3 hour video to “start an online business” and do all the steps necessary. This is just an example.

You see, we either run away from fear, or chase pleasure. That’s the basis of it. But many things consist of you getting over fear in order to get the pleasure. For example, if you want to be a successful motivational speaker, public speaking is a fear you have to face, right? Your habit of gaining weight consist of the pleasure you get by eating too much carbs and chocolate. To lose weight, you have to go through hardship and painful cravings to have more energy, feel better and be more attractive.

For most of the things, it’s about the journey, the painful journey that will give you the long term pleasure, satisfaction and spiritual fulfillment.

Here are 5 things that will start to happen when you discover your hidden power:

Amazing things will happen when you discover your hidden power.


Fear can be the biggest crippling factor in everything that you want to achieve. Let’s take the previous example: if you want to be a motivational speaker, you will have to face your fear of getting up on that stage and start speaking.

Let me give you a FREE GIFT!

And many more in the upcoming weeks

What if I stutter? Or what if I blow it all up? What if they laugh at me? What if they think what I say doesn’t make sense? You will ask yourself these questions FOR SURE! I can almost guarantee you that 100%, but facing your fear is going against what makes you scared and doing it anyway.

In the beginning you may have dry lips, you may stutter and twist some of the material… but you doing that is making one step closer to being a successful motivational speaker. The joy of you becoming one will make you forget all the fearful things you had to overcome. This in turn will give you long-term satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment.

This can be for any fear that you may have. It doesn’t necessarily has to be for public speaking. You may fear talking to a woman or a man. Either way, you must go against your fear at all cost. That’s how we take our hidden power out and let it shine with the whole world.


I just read an article about the 35 life lessons from a 100-year-old and one of them was (and I quote them): “The little things are the only things that matter eventually.”

Life is not a finish line. Life is a journey.

Let’s explain what’s the finish line, the rat race we all chase aimlessly.

Now you probably want financial freedom, or simply be happy in a relationship. This is probably your finish line, something you want to feel and have in the future.

Now, if you want financial freedom you have to find a job that will get you enough money to cover all your personal and financial expenses for you to live comfortably. But the finish line is not going to make you happy. That’s the trick. The journey on your way to the finish line will.

You going to work and listening to great podcasts is part of your journey to financial freedom. The morning coffee with your loved one, the thoughts you have while you do that next project is also part of your financial freedom. Every simple thing that you do is part of you becoming financially free. If you don’t enjoy most of it, and find it fulfilling, you are going to suffer for most of the things that you want to achieve.

Just take a few minutes to conceptualize what you do through the entire day. If your day is filled with things that burden you over an extended period of time, it’s time to make a swift change. Find something you will enjoy doing while chasing your finish line.

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Once you discover your hidden power, you will have amazing flow of ideas.


I love speaking on this subject. It makes me realize that we are the ones in charge of our destiny.

Let’s start with a regular day in the life of a single person. The alarm wakes you up, and your mind doesn’t want you to get out of bed. If it was up to you, you would press that stop button and sleep for at least 2 more hours. You wake up against your will and you dress up to go out on a cold morning. You walk or drive to a place you are not very happy to see all grumpy and sleepy.

Since the moment you woke up, you go against your mind. If it was up to your mind and what your mind wants, you would lay in bed all day and watch Netflix, right? And we are not wrong to assume that many people do this already.

If you let your mind do the choosing for you, you’d live a very boring and idle life. You going against your mind is where you’ll find true fulfillment and happiness.

Speaking to that man or woman you’ve been wanting for so long is terrifying to even think about doing, right? Just like it is asking for that raise. But once you do, you feel truly alive! Your body is tingling. You speak without thinking too much and you get into a state of flow.

Listen to your mind when it speaks, because evolution has made it up there protected for a reason, right? But don’t let it twist and turn your life.

Never underestimate the hidden power of a determined individual.


You’ve probably heard this one from me at least 10x times, but here it comes again: you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Getting on that new staircase, the personal upgrade in your life, will demand of you to be surrounded with different people. Just imagine being promoted. Your assignment is to manage different sector or different group of people. Immediately, your task becomes more demanding which is something you’ve never done. In this case, you must adapt and become a new version of yourself.

For example a friend of mine that was “the star kid” in my elementary school, is now fighting battle with heavy drug addiction and insanity. I am not telling you this to mock him. Simply, I am telling you this because my journey took a heavy turn to the LEFT when I saw him consuming those drugs when we were in high school. I spoke with him a dozen times, trying to convince him to stop, but he did it anyway.

If I was with him through the entire time, I would either start consuming with him, or I am his father! Why else I would still hang around with him and share my personal time? The answer is: I wouldn’t.

Don’t surround yourself with people who will make your life miserable up to the point of no recovery.

When you get to the next level, you will attract the right people and feel like your life is aligning with your personal and professional goals.


Most of the time we obsess not what we think of ourselves, but what others think of us. This is still prevalent in most people. They waste time and energy thinking about what OTHER people think or say about them. However, we can blame evolution for some of it.

We’ve evolved to belong in a group. After all that’s how we survived in those harsh conditions long time ago. Fitting in and having the trust and respect of our peers are the measures of success. The need to belong is in our DNA. But we can’t blame it all on evolution.

If you tend to think about what people think of you most of the time, it says a lot about you. This definitely means that you should question your confidence and faith in your actions.

Something as trivial as someone yelling at us on the traffic light can take our whole energy thinking about them. This can cripple our entire day!

If you have 86.400$ EVERY day, and you lose 10$, would you throw away the rest? Of course you wouldn’t!

You have 86.400 seconds every day. If someone makes you angry for 10 seconds, don’t throw away the rest!

Final Words

It will take shift of perspective and time, but instead of drooling on the life of all the people you see on social media, you will create the life you’ve always wanted to live, beyond your wildest imagination.

We are the producers, the directors and the protagonists of our own life. The hidden power we hold is in us at all times. No one says it’s easy to take it out, but once we do that we can truly enjoy the fruits of our own creation.

We are no longer slaves of the meaningless information that is thrown out there. We block the things that will do harm, and welcome the things that make us grow.