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Hey Champs! I hope everyone is having an awesome day as I am having right now. However, I wasn’t always in a good mood. As a matter of fact I had severe struggle in my life, but there was a single thing that changed my entire life and let me tell you what in a minute.

First, let me tell you the unusual story of mine.

I am not a college dropout and I wasn’t hungry and starving on the street. On the contrary. Until I was 18 years old I had everything I ever wanted to have: from Gucci belts to Dolce&Gabbana shoes to every vacation budget, thanks to the “more than enough” love I have received from my mother.

My mother was divorced from my father which means that my mother was everything in my life. We two had a special connection and she loved me and my brother more than herself. She did everything in her life to make us happy and distract us from the terrible things that were happening in our lives. She was the filter that every child seeks without knowing it.

Together with my brother, we were almost living a fairy-tale life. It was the dream of every kid we had next to us. No one could afford the things we had and that reflected on the social image of ourselves and how people behaved in front of us (and behind our backs). However, that’s not important right now. What’s important is that everything changed when we received the terrible news.

My mother had pancreatic cancer. I almost got the news like she had a flu, because in my mind I never imagined that it could be fatal for her. Apparently, that filter couldn’t hold for the rest of our lives.

When she passed away it was the most heartbreaking moment for me. I was laying in bed for days. I just couldn’t accept that she was gone… it didn’t feel real. But days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. It was as real as the blue sky above us. She was gone and never coming back.

Few years after we received the real test of life. It wasn’t one when you get a grade and you don’t care what was it, but test where we were left without a single penny from our stepfather (wealthy German businessman).

We sat one day, and he told me:

“Look, you have two choices continue living this life. First, you will either end up as a failure and a chump, as I see you going in that direction right now, or you will figure out a way and make something great out of yourself. If you do the latter, you will call me one day and thank me from the bottom of your heart.”

Let me give you a FREE GIFT!

And many more in the upcoming weeks

It was the German test. Either you find the power to become a man, or you will end up telling all the excuses in the world why you didn’t make it.

Years later, through thick and thin, I managed to do something out of myself. I was working in a healthy food store and I was also working as a construction worker in a foreign country for a short period of time, but I have found my passion in motivating people by sharing the things I’ve learned through hardship. I think to have everything and then to have nothing is the best-worst thing that has happened to me. It brought me down to the gutter, but I fought my way through it.

Years after that conversation, I created a famous blog and I managed to turn something close to 1M dollars in investment. I bought my own apartment, I have a beautiful girl next to me that is my source of inspiration, and I have managed to build social networks that will get me paid even when I sleep. Not bad for a chump, huh?

The reason why I am inspired to do what I do is because I’ve been through a harsh struggle. I come from Macedonia, a small country in Europe. It’s not the best country for a person to live in. Not to mention that online business was sci-fi when I was starting out, and I had to build the way all by myself, without any help. My best friends were Google and Youtube, and I had to learn everything I know through them. Everything you want to know right now can be found on those two websites, but learning and applying that knowledge takes years and years of struggle.

When I went in the bank with the first check I earned from Google, they had no idea what they were seeing. They thought I was trying to scam the bank, and they called in the superiors to inspect the check. It’s so funny when I look back at these memories, and I am really glad I went through them because they made me the person I am today.

I truly hope that by the time you end up reading the blog posts you will feel more vigorous, energized and inspired to take your life in your own two hands and create something out of yourself. I hope that the feeling you had when you wanted to change the world will be brought back and you will never settle for something mediocre.

Here’s brutal fact: most people will live ordinary, uneventful lives. Not fantastic ones. Not awful ones. Just OK ones.

They will have good-enough jobs and a handful of relationships, some good and some bad, and though they’ll have some high and low moments, the whole of their existence, when everything is said and done, amounts to something pleasant but pretty mediocre.

It’s because we have everything we want on our plate. We are so comfy and secure, we are not even aware of it.

Our bodies and brains cannot surpass the swift development of technology. We are not ready for it.

We became species that kill ourselves because we eat too much and do too little.

Me and my team built a course to change that.

To evolve, we must be willing to experience the discomfort of change.

We need to learn to be honest with ourselves. It’s easy to build sandcastles in the sky and live off illusions. But when it comes down to it, character is build in all those small, quiet moments of perseverance and frank honesty. Those moments we can look unflinchingly at ourselves and do the hard work it takes to be better.

Our prime purpose is to help you monetize your passion, find your purpose and discover your inner peace.

Our mission is to change your mindset from consumer to producer.

We will help you dig deep and find out what truly drives you, at your core. It’s not going to happen overnight, but eventually it will.

With no doubt.

What are you truly willing to do to monetize your passion, find your purpose and discover your inner peace?

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