DON’T Turn Blind Eye To These 3 Things That Are Ruining Your Life

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Life is wonderful! I was just scrolling on TikTok and I saw a video that made me appreciate this amazing life we have even more.

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The video was about a guy who was explaining about “a thing that someone said that will stick with him forever.” He was working customer service and he sparked a conversation with a client. The client asked him how’s life, and he replied: “you know with the days becoming shorter and the cold weather… not bad” The client said that he was a refugee from Syria and told him something that gave me goosebumps. He said: “any day I don’t worry getting bombed is a good day. You know, shorter days and cold weather is not that bad.”

Sometimes we stress over things that are not important AT ALL. Like not a second should be wasted thinking about them. But I blame us partially. With the blazing fast rise of technology and the fast life we created we put heavy weight on our shoulders.

If you ask me, the biggest problem is that majority of people are not mentally capable of controlling themselves, or let me say, refrain from the free and cheap pleasures.

For example let’s take this research: 44.9% of adults ages 20 to 39 said that they consumed fast food on a given day, compared with 37.7% of adults 40 to 59, and 24.1% of adults 60 and older. I think that more than 50% of teens consume fast food instead of REAL body & mind supporting food.

We all get it. Fast food is delicious, tasty and makes you drool whenever you smell it near you. But this is EXACTLY why the Pareto Principle works everywhere. A smart Italian economist Vilfred Pareto came to a conclusion that that 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results. This is in terms of money, power and wealth. This is how societies naturally divide. Because if you line up 10 people and give them hard task and deadline, probably 1 or 2 people will only finish it. The ones that are stubborn, hard-working and will manage their time effectively to finish the task. Same goes for everything. If you put a chocolate in front of 10 overweight people, 9 of them will reach out immediately to take a bite, even if they KNOW they going to have severe health problems in the future.

We have a hard time controlling ourselves when there are so many cheap things that give us immediate pleasure.

It’s very easy to fall in the shackles of these pleasures: Instagram, TikTok, Netflix, ordering junk food… the list goes on for days. But our ability to refrain from those pleasures and put in real work, is the superhuman ability we all possess.

There are many things that grab our attention and waste our life with lightning speed, but these 3 things are the worst, especially the last one.

1. Social Media

I know, I know. You’ve heard it at least 10 times this week, but this is definitely one of the worst things we turn blind eye to.

Let me give you a FREE GIFT!

And many more in the upcoming weeks

If I tell you now that 10-20 years of your life will be cut, just because you want to binge-watch a TV show on Netflix that won’t propel a single cell growth in your body, would you keep on doing it? Let’s take another guess: if I tell you, that you are going to have cancer when you turn 50 and leave your family and kids just because you want to smoke 1 pack a day, would you keep on doing it? This is happening every single day and we turn a blind eye and light up another one. For gods sake it’s even written on THE PACK!!

Why do we keep on watching only one step ahead instead of 10? This same thing is happening with social media overuse.

Your life is going to end one day. Your dreams are slowly staring to get thinner as time is flying, but there you are scrolling and reading about the bag Kim Kardashian bought. What is that going to help you?

We must be VERY careful with the information we are fed. If you scroll and read now, you are going to be filled with so much fear caused by the worldwide situation that you are unable to do anything. Some of my “friends” even don’t want to drink a cup of coffee with me because they are terrified of the situation right now. We are being stuffed with fear on the social media and we consume it without a question. It’s like eating shit and calling it burger. NO, that stops today.

Focus on real word champs. The most grounding thing you can do is exercise. You cannot think about unnecessary things when your body is facing hardship. You are here and you do the work. Write to-do lists, take stone cold showers every single day. Just throw yourself off that comfort that is literally eating you alive.

I am not saying you should never open Instagram, YouTube or TikTok. I am saying you shouldn’t overuse it to the point where it’s your addiction, instead of your tool for good source of information and growth.

2. Junk Food Vs. REAL Food

As we said above, more than 50% of teens eat junk food. Every second teenager is bound to be unhealthy. And the worst part is that it’s made by their own choice.

Junk food increases the risk of obesity and chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. You wanna know what’s the main cause of death today? Cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes. You don’t need to be a Ph.D. scientist to see the connection.

We literally make a choice every single day to slowly kill ourselves. Many don’t see it that way because they see the things only as they are today instead of 2-5-10 years upfront.

And the majority of people make choices only based on NOW and TODAY. They don’t invest in SP500 index fund, even if they can turn 30k into 1 million dollars in 40 years. They don’t want to bother and even think 40 years upfront, and believe it or not time is going by in a blink of an eye. I am 29 years old and it was like yesterday I was in high school.

Make choices that your future self will thank you for. If you eat that chocolate today, and that pizza tomorrow, you are going to end up feeling like s*it. And whoever says it’s “OK” to be obese, it’s NOT ok to be obese. Every day you made choices that gave you a health problem, and if the whole world created a marketing strategy to say that ‘It’s OK to be obese” just to sell you oversize products and weight loss pills, no. You are just another obese sheep in the herd to believe that.

Whenever you eat, just look at the meal and ask yourself: is this going to give me energy, make me feel better, and more energized, or it’s going to make me feel like s#it and give me health problems in the future? And there, you have the answer.

I am eating junk food from time to time, I am not a saint, and no one is. And don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you should never even think to eat another just food meal, but most of the days eat healthy nutritious food that gives you energy so you can feel and look better.

Don’t think one step ahead, think 10 steps ahead because already 80% of the people, as Pareto Principle suggests, think one step ahead, and they don’t have good results. So unless you want to have good results and belong to “the vital few” or the top 20% of the people, STOP eating empty nutritious foods that will give you a hard time living.

3. Physical Activity

Our life revolves around sitting. More than 60 percent of U.S. adults do not engage in the recommended amount of activity. Approximately 25 percent of U.S. adults are not active at all. This leaves us with 15% of the people that are active and semi active. In total 85% of the people have already given up on the thing that evolved us, physical activity.

Humans were extremely active in the past. They used to hunt for food, lift heavy things and everything physical they must do to survive. But with the swift rise of technology, we gradually started to cave in and do the job from the phones and computers. Especially with the worldwide situation right now, we are sitting now more than ever.

Right now I am behind a PC and write an article. After this I must schedule few posts on my Instagram, but after that I am going to do 1 hour of great cardio and have a stone cold shower.

It’s just an excuse to say “But my work is like that. I have to sit and work and I am tired after.” Exercise is about filling yourself with energy, not wasting it. When you exercise your body releases BDNF or Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor. This BDNF has been referred to as a fertilizer for your brain. It is a substance that is found in your brain and helps to maintain the life of your brain cells, as well as grow new ones. You’ve probably heard all about ‘neuroplasticity’ and how we used to think our brains, once adult, were like a lump of concrete – unable to change and grow. Scientists now believe our brains are more like plastic – able to adapt, grow and change depending on what we do with them. BDNF is widely accepted as being a key player in this ‘plastic’ ability of the brain – its presence has been shown to make brain cells in petri dishes sprout new branches.

Low levels of BDNF have been associated with depression, anxiety, poor memory and brain degeneration as seen in conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

This is just ONE of the hundred factors that exercise makes your life great and protects you from most of the things that can have destructive effect on your health.

With exercise can lose weight, feel great, sleep better and be healthy. Sometimes I really wonder how a person can be inactive? I mean it gives you so many incredible things and majority of people would rather scroll on social media than exercise for an hour to feel great and get all these amazing benefits from it.

Final Notes

Champs, many of us know these things already, but 80% of the people watching this are going to close this tab and get a burger, or scroll on social media. I know it for a fact because that’s the 101 mindset of a consumer. Many of the people are consumers, they are not producers. That’s the difference between the 80% or the trivial many and the 20% or the vital few. Your actions will either take you to belong to the top 20% percent or the bottom 80%.

Again, don’t get me wrong. I have some days when I slack. I can eat a burger, chill & watch Netflix. We are not robots, we are humans, and I think it’s only normal to go left and right from the main path that will lead you to greatness. But if you go way too left, or way too right, that’s where you need to bump your head and say: hey, I am way off course. I need to get back on track and be on my way.” Without this navigation it’s very easy to waste our life with time devouring habits like social media.

I hope in a way I inspired you to at least stop & start doing some of the things we said and my video was not in vain. I would really appreciate if the vital few of you guys reading this, subscribe on my youtube channel to make sure you don’t miss another video. Because I have a lot of things that I want to say to you so you can transform into the best version you can ever be.